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Bundling Care to Enhance Readiness to Wean 

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In ICUs across the US, clinicians are working to ensure the ABCDF bundle is fully integrated into daily care. Over the last decade, concentrated effort has occurred to Awaken patients through use of sedation protocols, facilitating ventilator liberation through spontaneous Breathing trials, Coordination of complex interdisciplinary care, evaluating and managing Delirium in order to foster successful progressive Early mobilization with patient and Family engagement.  Without successful bundling of the interventions, the ability to liberate a patient from the ventilator is significantly more challenging. Physicians, nurses and RTs working with an ICU patient have a unique as well as collaborative role in helping to achieve successful patient outcomes. This session will provide an overview of ABCDEF bundle to help demonstrate the impact these interventions have on increasing the readiness for a critically ill patient to be liberated from mechanical ventilation.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this session, the participant will be able to:


  1. Describe the evidence that demonstrate the need for full integration of the ABCDE bundle for maximizing patient outcomes.

  2. Outline three key practical strategies for readiness and implementation of spontaneous awakening and spontaneous breathing trials within a unit culture.

  3. Discuss the major challenges to implementation and pinpoint workable solutions in overcoming barriers to sustain integration of the bundle into your unit. 

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