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These on-demand videos are accredited for 1.0 CRCEs. Please click on the buttons below to view the webinar. After you have finished, please go to the link below the video and take the post-test. Once you have successfully taken the post-test, you may print out your certificate immediately.

Arterial Catheter Insertion, Maintenance and Care

Amy Bardin-Spencer, EdD(c),MS, RRT, VA-BC


What is the Right Line for the Right Patient at the Right Time?

Nancy Moureau, RN, BSN, CRNI, CPUI 


Preventing CLA-BSIs-associated with Arterial Catheters

William Jarvis, MD 


Risk Reduction Strategies for Acute Hemodialysis Catheters

Amy Bardin-Spencer, EdD(c),MS, RRT, VA-BC 


Reducing Complications: Selection & Management of Central Venous Catheter Exit Sites 

Gail Egan, MS, ANP Nurse Practitioner


Troubleshooting your Peripheral Arterial Catheters

Amy Bardin-Spencer, EdD(c),MS, RRT, VA-BC


Who Let the Bugs Out?  Keeping Patients Safe from Medical Devices 
and the Healthcare Environment

Libby Chinnes, RN, BSN, CIC


High Flow Nasal Cannula and Non-Invasive Ventilation:
Current Evidence and Practice

Thomas Piraino, RRT, FCSRT

Bundling Care to Enhance Readiness to Wean

Kathleen Vollman, MSN, RN, CCNS, FCCM, FAAN

Liberation from mechanical ventilation: Can telehealth help expedite?


Mechanical insufflation-exsufflation for airway mucus clearance:
When, how and where.

John Bach, MD

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